Accessocraft NY Egyptian Style Scarab Necklace

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Accessocraft NY Egyptian Style Scarab Necklace. What a statement piece! Some signs of wear, otherwise in great condition!


Chain Length: 20"
Pendant Length: 8"
Pendant Width: 3"


History of Accessocraft NYC:

Despite not being as well known. The Brand produced jewelry with innovative style and quality. Resulting in higher prices than some better known designers. With some pieces as much as three times the cost of Coro in the 1940’s. Due to using the highest quality Imitation pearls, Czech glass, crystals, and colorful enamels Accessocraft gained a reputation for excellence. During the 1960, and 70’s Accessocraft produced some of their most popular designs, pieces with influences of Gothic, Renaissance, and Byzantine lifted the brand to new heights. Although the Brand continued to have a loyal following, slowly trends moved away form the company’s designs. Consequently causing the company to close in 1998.