1920s Deco Beaded Handbag

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1920s Deco Beaded Handbag. The beaded details on this bag are stunning! Dark silver beads are strung together with ivory pearl beads to create delicate floral motifs. Such a trademark deco design! The back of the bag contains a loop strap that can be slid on the hand to be worn as a clutch or on a silk sash belt for a hands free dancing bag. Perfect for the lover of flapper fashions or bride to be!

Condition to note: On the bottom left of the bag there is a discoloration & some loose beads and an area that needs some small mending. There are some areas around the bag with some loose beads that are more minor and not noticeable. There is a red spot on the inside flap which can not be seen with the bag closed. Great condition considering its age.


Width: 6.25 inches
Height: 4.5 inches
Strap: 3.25 inches