1950s CHRISTIAN DIOR Rare Colifichets Hot Pink Cotton Scarf

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1950s CHRISTIAN DIOR Rare Colifichets Hot Pink Cotton Scarf. This extraordinary piece of fashion history was sold from the original Christian Dior store in Paris, named Christian Dior Colifichets Boutique. This scarf features soft bright hot pink cotton fabric with a woven overlay border. Two sides contain hand rolled hems with pink stitching while the other two hems are raw. (This is part of the design). The tag reads "Christian Dior, Colifchets, Paris, Trade Mark." Flaws: one small pin size mark. (See photos)

A bit about the Dior "Colifichets Boutique"
The year after launching his couture House, in 1947, Christian Dior opened a tiny boutique on the ground floor, at the foot of the grand staircase, which was directed by his friend Carmen Colle. The store was decorated by young fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent who worked alongside Dior for 2 years, and finding himself as head designer of the Dior label at only 21. The tiny Colifichets store featured dresses, accessories, jewelry, scarves and more. This store played an important part in the fashion history of the Dior brand.

1. Carmen Colle in the Colifichets boutique, circa 1949.
2. Saint Laurent decorating the windows at the Colifichets Boutique circa 1950s

Scarf Measurements:
Length: 30.5in
Width: 30.5in