1950s Suzy Perette Pink Gingham Dress

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1950s Suzy Perette Pink Gingham Dress. This gorgeous RARE ensemble is just too cute for words! This dress features baby pink vertical and horizontal striped fabric and a lengthy front collar bow! It has a back zip, and built in crinoline! There are a few areas of minor yellowing which were hard to photograph, on the collar and under the arms. This rare piece is in excellent vintage condition!

Suzy Perette was not an actual person, but the name of a dress manufacturing company that made affordable versions of Parisian designs in the 1950s. The Suzy Perette silhouette of cinched waist and full skirt were extremely popular and a quality interpretation of Dior’s famous “New Look.”

The Suzy Perette Company was located in New York City at 134 W. 37th Street from 1949 to the early 1970s. The Suzy Perette name was a registered trademark of Lombardy Dress (founded as Lombardy Frocks in 1930) and was first used in commerce in 1946. The Suzy Perette name was registered by Lombardy Frocks in 1954. A sister label to Suzy Perette is the Gigi Young Fashions label (late fifties to 1966). This label followed the same successful style formula of Suzy Perette designs, but were sold as a less expensive line

*Reference: Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource*


Bust: 36in
Waist: 26in
Hip: 56in
Length: 41in