1970's Sarah Coventry Cabochon Buds Brooch and Clip On Set

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Sarah Coventry did not focus on getting prime counter space in department stores, or selling its wares to Hollywood movie stars in order to move its inventory. Stuart’s approach was more grassroots, using house parties to get people talking about his affordable jewelry. He also gave his costume jewelry away to contestants on game shows and at beauty pageants. The word of mouth that resulted from this marketing strategy made Sarah Coventry one of the most popular jewelry brands of the mid-20th century. Today, its pieces from the 1960s and ’70s are especially prized by collectors.

This cabochon buds brooch and clip on set is the epitome of Sarah Coventry jewelry. The gold color is bright and shiny and looks divine with the soft warm coral color of the buds. Look simply beautiful with this unique vintage set.

Length 3 7/8"

Clip Ons
1 5/8"