1980s CHRISTIAN DIOR Gripoix Glass Clip On Earrings

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1980s CHRISTIAN DIOR Gripoix Glass Clip On Earrings. These beautiful Dior Earrings feature luminescent emerald green gripoix glass poured into a bright golden metal oval setting. On the back of the clip on earrings there is the "CHR DIOR ©" signature stamp. Each earring measures 1 inch x 0.75 inches. These earrings are in excellent vintage condition with no flaws to note.

What is Gripoix glass jewelry ?

All Gripoix glass jewelry is made by hand. It was in 1868 when it was first produced, and artisans in France are still making glass jewelry components now using the same techniques. Beads, cabochons, coated pearls, and other glass components like these will be found in jewelry made by Chanel, Dior, Balenciaga, Givenchy, Isabel Canovas, and Pierre Cardin along with other European couture houses. A limited amount of jewelry also bears the Gripoix name. It can take many man-hours to produce a single design.

True poured glass was, and still is, achieved by carefully using a soldering torch to place molten glass directly into a metal frame. The individual elements are then polished and eventually soldered together with other components to form a complete piece of jewelry.

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