Fancy Queen Gift Set

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The Fancy Queen Gift Set

There’s no better way to make someone feel loved than to show them you recognize the power of their strength, grace and love. Let your significant other, mom, sister, friend or special someone know that you see them for the Queen they are. This limited edition gift set is a Paper Doll original gift set featuring items to make anyone feel empowered and indulged  with luxurious products. This $43 value set is available as a discounted gift set for only $30. 


What the set includes-


-An empowering letter to help evoke anyone’s inner strength and Queen, also explaining the gift’s contents. 


-A crystal encrusted miniature silver metal crown on a headband, so the recipient may feel like a Queen on any casual or formal occasion. This crown comes wrapped in a beautiful red satin pouch. 


-Rose Quartz Amulet- This crystal attracts love, self love, friendship, healing and inner peace. Each crystal prism has a small hole drilled into it so it may also be worn as a pendant. 


-Jasmine Blooming Tea- the favorite tea of Marie Antoinette! These fine Jasmine tea leaves are hand tied around the base of a Pink Globe Amaranth flower and Golden Marigold and with Jasmine flowers floating above. A spectacular show! As the tea steeps, the leaves gently open and bloom showing off the lovely flowers. Keep adding water to enjoy more of the beautiful Jasmine flavor.


-Dried Lavender Satchel- lavender has been known throughout history as an herb of love. The scent is known to have relaxing properties. It has been proven, through scientific study, that the scent of lavender is also a powerful aphrodisiac and many men cannot resist it. The scent of lavender came to represent purity, chastity, fidelity and was thought to actually ensure fidelity between partners.


-Lavender Massage Oil- containing all the properties of the dried lavender, this blend leaves your Queen relaxed and balanced. These water dispersible oils lubricate, moisturize and repair the skin, providing antioxidants and nutrients. These healing oils also allow the release of more tension and unblock vital energies with a deep, smooth glide. Each oil comes in a beautiful glass 10ml bottle with genuine cork top. 


-Godiva Dark Chocolate Ganache chocolate bar. Smooth, silky and sophisticated. The finest of chocolates for the finest of Queens. 


-$5 Paper DOLLars, redeemable at either Paper Doll Vintage Boutique or Paper Doll Curiosity Shoppe. Treat yourself, Queen!