Limited Edition Krampus Stocking Gift Set

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Want your loved one to be on their best behavior this holiday season? Give the gift of Krampus this holiday season! Our special limited edition Krampus stocking has everything you need to celebrate Krampusnacht!

Krampus stocking includes-


-Sealed letter from Krampus, warning the receiver of Krampus and instructing what to do with the stocking’s contents.


-Grey fur stocking made of ethically sourced genuine Krampus fur.


-12” plush Krampus with backpack. Krampus is made out of the softest plus with a felt tongue. His legs are criss crossed and he can comfortably sit on a mantle. 


-Limited Edition Krampus face mask with original artwork by Amanda Reilly. Mask features cotton lining, full color front print, elastic ear loops with bead adjustments. 


-Limited Edition Krampus magnet with mouth shaped artwork by Amanda Reilly.


-Limited Edition Seven Day Krampus Prayer Candle. Original artwork by Amanda Reilly. Saint Nicholas Day prayer on back included in German and English! 


-Limited Edition Krampus vinyl sticker with original art by Amanda Reilly.


-Black Charcoal Soap, handcrafted in small batches. It’s included in a small burlap sack.


-Coal Chocolate- Double Crisp Milk chocolate 3.4oz


-Cinnamon Candy Cane


-Oreo Candy Cane


-$5 Paper Dollars, usable towards any purchase at Paper Doll Stores.


-$5 Off Pictures With Krampus photo session.