Paper Doll Exclusive Queen Gift Set

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The Paper Doll Exclusive Queen Gift Set

There’s no better way to make someone feel loved than to show them you recognize the power of their strength, grace and love. Let your significant other, mom, sister, friend or special someone know that you see them for the Queen they are. This limited edition gift set is a Paper Doll original gift set featuring items to make anyone feel empowered that is filled with unique store exclusive pieces designed by local artist, Amanda Reilly. This $47 value set is available as a discounted gift set for only $35. 


What the set includes-


-An empowering letter to help evoke anyone’s inner strength and Queen, also explaining the gift’s contents. 


 -Queen- Our Lady of Strength seven day prayer candle. If your Queen is questioning her strength, have her light this candle and incant this prayer to return inner vitality. 


-Heart and Sword Earrings. These earrings symbolize protection with the Queen’s sword and shield, also seen illustrated on the candle. These earrings are safe for metal allergies as they have a sterling silver 925 post. 


-Queen- Our Lady of Strength magnet. The same original design featured on the candle is also a magnet that can remind your Queen of this Valentine’s Day, every day!


-Keep Kicking Ass sticker. Have your Queen remembering to keep kicking ass!


-$5 Paper DOLLars, redeemable at either Paper Doll Vintage Boutique or Paper Doll Curiosity Shoppe. Treat yourself, Queen!