Vintage & Retro Mystery Boxes

What’s better than a surprise? A one of a kind vintage surprise, customized to your style and taste! Let us hand select vintage and retro goodies to your specs and desires! We can make a vintage box for any budget. Our mystery boxes are a great value! We add extra items, totaling more than the ticket prices, to ensure you feel you got a great value for your purchase. Don’t like what you got? We pride ourselves in our personal styling and happy customers. If you are dissatisfied with your order, let’s do a do-over! We are happy to learn more about you and swap out your items. Then you’re sure to be happy every time you order with us and we get to know you better! 

**Orders take about 7 - 10 days to process**, due to the creative process of putting them together. The bigger the budget, the more premium vintage and stuff you’ll get in your order. Same goes for your threshold of how much vintage wear you’re willing to accept in items. Value is based on in store and online ticket selling price of items.